Not Only Is Demi Lovato"Dancing With The Devil",But Millions Of People Are Suffering From Painkillers!

By David Simpson DEC 04, 2023
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The documentary Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil chronicles what led to the singer's nearly fatal overdose in 2018 and the aftermath. And based on the trailer that just debuted - along with a sneak peek at her new song "Dancing With the Devil" - Lovato and her friends and family are not shying away from the most difficult and darkest moments of her struggles with addiction.

"She should be dead," one of her best friends says in the trailer, before using the word others were afraid to: "Are we talking about heroin? Are we doing that?"

Painkillers Are Demi Lovato's Ticket To Hell

Because of her chronic alcoholism and irregular routine, Demi Lovato's doctor prescribed Demi some painkillers designed to make Demi feel better if necessary. No one would have guessed that Demi would henceforth embark on an extreme opioid quest and eventually begin a heroin binge.

Even more shocking, Demi had three strokes as a result of her drug abuse, the last of which was accompanied by a heart attack, and doctors said Demi once had only 5-10 minutes to live.

The consolation is that Demi didn't end up on the streets or rotting on a couch in her own home like other addicts. Demi had a new lease on life after overcoming her addiction. The damage was permanent, her joints were as fragile as glass.

However, today she is off heroin and on NatureEase pain gel. This pain gel has provided her with effective pain relief and helped her on the road to recovery. and she was on pain medication for a long time. But it won't be heroin anymore! It's NatureEase Pain Relief Gel.

Demi Lovato's Road To Redemption For Her Arthritic Bones

The method that allowed Demi Lovato to recover in such a short period of time is based on NatureEase's unique combination of ingredients. Its healing properties have been observed as far back as 800 years ago! The extracts of the gel originate from Wiltshire (South West England). Studies have shown that the bioabsorption of substances from this region is as high as 98%! What does this mean for you?

NatureEase How to Effectively Address Demi Lovatos' Opioid Aftermath - Bone Problems?

Pain and swelling disappear after 30 seconds.

The acetaminophen formula naturally numbs painful areas and reduces swelling. Its calming effect is felt immediately. Even after just 30 seconds, the redness and deformity caused by a sprained or contused joint can be seen to disappear. English oak bark extract gives the skin a pleasant stretching sensation, which in turn helps to relax tired joints and muscles. Parish records from the 13th century suggest that, at the time, treatment was indispensable for pilgrims on foot. Today even professional athletes help!

Knees and elbows regain full range of motion from first use.

The Chondroitin and Omega-3 for the regeneration of joints, muscles and bones is almost completely absorbed by the body. This means exactly that it can regenerate joint cartilage, even if the cartilage has been 98% destroyed! Every 2nd person confirmed that after 3-6 days of using this formula, the hands start to become controllable. Knees and elbows no longer lock when bending, and unpleasant friction disappears. After therapy, all previous symptoms disappear permanently.

Rheumatism, weakness and migraines due to dysplasia disappear!

Experts agree that regular use of the unique formula reduces joint inflammation and decreases rheumatic degeneration by up to 12 times. Its action is equally effective regardless of age and the severity of the problem.

Authorized Experts Gave Demi Lovato A Second Chance At Life

Dr. Scott, creator of the modern version of the "Miracle Gel for Joints and Bones," described the principles of NatureEase in a published paper.

"It seems that modern science must yield to the power of ancient medicine. The formula for this gel, known as far back as the 13th century, eliminates pain, burns, and swelling at the site of contact. It then penetrates deeper and deeper into the tissue, stimulating its natural self-renewal.

I created my own reconstructive formula and added hyaluronic acid to NatureEase.This is how NatureEase is made. First, I used it to restore my daughter's health, and now the formula is helping people like Demi Lovato and you."

How Does Hyaluronan Support Joint Health?

The synovial fluid sits inside the joint cavity where it hydrates, cushions and nourishes the cartilage tissue and helps to support a healthy inflammatory response, promoting optimum joint comfort and flexibility.

The problem for most of us is that our joints begin to lose hyaluronan at an accelerated pace once we pass 30 years of age.The result is that our synovial fluid thins and dries out, the cartilage becomes exposed, and an unhealthy inflammatory response takes hold. At which point, typical age-related joint issues arise.

Hyaluronan's crucial role in joint health is to absorb water so it can give your synovial fluid its naturally thick, lubricating, and jelly-like quality.

What is the Biological Cause of Joint Pain?

A little-known signaling molecule is key to reducing inflammation. Research has shown that highly active older adults have a unique biological advantage in limiting the production of specific types of inflammatory molecules and protecting their joints from wear and tear.
Continued wear and tear leads to a buildup of pro-inflammatory cytokines that inflame the joints.

Limiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines reduces inflammation and creates an optimal environment for the regeneration of damaged cartilage. This allows you to be pain free again and return to an active lifestyle.

Clinical Studies Prove NatureEase's Authenticity

A placebo-controlled study with 5000 participants monitored the safety and efficacy of NatureEase for 30 days. The following are statistically significant results:

● More than 4 out of 5 participants experienced joint pain relief and improved mobility after taking NatureEase for just 2 weeks, significantly outpacing placebo.

● This statistically significant level of joint pain relief was sustained throughout the remainder of the 30 day trial for more than 85% of participants.

● Over 85% of participants felt they could return to exercise and activities they previously avoided.

● None of the participants reported any negative side effects.

Why is NatureEase™ Pain Relief Gel The Best Choice?

● Unique roller ball design for easy absorption

● Fast, safe relief of pain and swelling in legs, ankles and feet, and symptoms associated with varicose or spider veins

● Scientifically researched herbal formula is more effective than ordinary creams and ointments in eliminating varicose veins and worm legs

● Effectively removes crystals from joints

● Removes visible bruising and relieves swelling, pain, redness and itching

● Improves blood circulation

● Restores elasticity of skin and vein valves

Why Over 100,000 People Trust NatureEase, See What Others Are Saying:

Anita C.

"What a difference after using for only 2/3 weeks, almost pain free in a morning now after years of waking up to joint pain and stiffness"

Bonnie B.

I am sleeping better because I am not waking to turn in the night to relieve hip pain. Pain in knee has decreased and fingers are also less painful.

Fred S.

"I had severe hip pain, pain in the elbow and one thumb. After only 3 days all pain is gone except the hip but it is barely noticeable. I don't recall ever taking any med that was so effective and so fast."

Irene  M.P

Had a flare up in my wrists and decided to stay away from painkillers as i did not want side effects. It worked very well and will always use it.

Ian L.

"Ankle injury has led to arthritis. Pain levels sometimes as high as 9-10 out of 10 (can't walk) down by 80% plus. No need to take 1600mg per day of over counter pain killers."

David T.

After hearing my friends rant and rave about it, I had to try "NatureEase" so I did ...... Wow! How did I not know about it sooner!

Christopher W.

NatureEase has allowed me to live a full life - it immediately relieved the pain and suffering.

1 Std.LikeReply
Felicity T.

It has truly worked wonders! Once I started rolling it daily, I became more flexible and had less pain in my daily life.

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How Much Does It Cost?

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