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Exceptional Features

After driving about 150 miles road total, FuelGuard adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers's habits, and always keeps remapping the ECU to reduce fuel consumption.

Small & Lightweight

Just plug it into the OBD2 connector of the car and forget about it. 

Eco Friendly

Help to save the planet from an unwanted carbon footprint.

Increase Your Vehicle’s Horsepower & Torque

Range AFM/DFM Disabler keeps you in full power 100% of the time.

Safe Money At The Gas Pump

Save an average of 35 cents on every dollar you spend on gasoline because you're burning less gas.

Easy To Use

Simply plug into your onboard OBD-II port and it instantly begins working.

100% Safe

Leaves no trace just unplug it to return to factory settings.

How Does It Work?

OBD2 Protocol
It works based on OBD2 protocols as remapping the Car's computer ECU.

Receives The Information
When it is plugged into OBD2 connector, FuelGuard receives the information from the car computer ECU.

Increase The Performance
With the received data from ECU, FuelGuard adjusts the boost pressure, the quantity of fuel, injection timing, and pressure to increase the performance of your car.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

"Works super well"

"I love powerful cars with lots of horsepowers. The problem is it’s not really economical to drive one to work. Bought FuelGuard to reduce fuel consumption. Excellent choice. I love it so far!"


Jacob Fuller

Automotive Engineer

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about FuelGuard  


Excellent product. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to reduce fuel consumption and save some cash in return.


I was looking for ways to reduce my fuel consumption. I even took some economical driving lessons. There is where I found out about FuelGuard. One of my classmates recommended it. Bought it shortly after and I can definitely see a reduction in fuel consumption.

Oscar Fuel Saver

This product works great. I have a Chevrolet Silverado that usually does 16 miles per gallon but with this gadget, it does 21-23 miles per gallon in the highway.

Destiny Jackson Save me about 15% on my mileage

I went from a tank full from 250 miles to 300 I get and extra 50 miles per tank full.


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